Customized Cases & Turnkey Solutions

Dawn Machinery Vertical Cylindrical Grinder:
Turnkey & Customization Services

Our vertical cylindrical grinders are equipped with a standard single spindle tool changing system which can be customized as complex models according to users’ demands.

For the Double Spindle Series

Customers can choose either high or low-speed spindles as their options so that this double spindle structure can deal with technical issues such as processing speed and productivity that single spindle models cannot.

The Model Designed With Both Vertical And Horizontal Structure

It is capable of processing work piece grinding vertically and horizontally one at a time. This advantage helps users to achieve multiple grinding procedures with fewer tolerance issues since these are all achieved and finished on one single machine.

Our Products

The Dawn of A New Grinding Era

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We Enlisted All Our Customized Cases Which Are Designed
Based On Customers’ Demands

Turn-mill plus grinding, boring plus grinding, double spindle vertical and horizontal grinding, high RPM complex processing, complicated profile grinding, gear tooth grinding, gear disk grinding, eccentric hole grinding, micro-sized hole grinding, forming grinding, special material grinding such as tungsten, etc.

Mass Production Within A Relatively Short Period Of Time, Gaining The Optimal Profits

To make a precision work piece, it takes not only a precision grinder but also profound industrial experiences and other related circumstances as well. Dawn Machinery offers not only turnkey solutions based on top-notched types of machinery; Moreover, we offer planning services for customers’ production lines, including the choice of grinding wheels and fixture equipment, so they are able to put the plan into mass production within a relatively short period of time, gaining the optimal profits.

We Transform Our Experiences Into Easy-Peasy Dialogue HMI for Users

Dawn Machinery has accumulated experiences for over two decades and we transform our experiences into easy-peasy dialogue HMI for users, and onsite operators don’t need to do coding but only the insertion of numbers and the processing program will operate for the planned works.

Supportive Services

What You Need Is Not A Machine, But A Comprehensive Solution Offered By Our Team

Besides our single machine sales services, we can also plan in advance for customers based on their new work piece production works by offering them the optimal processing plans. Firstly, we would request customers to provide their work pieces or their grinding specifications. After that, we will propose our proposal based on the drawing. Within three days, we will provide the mechanical draft of a planned grinding process as well as the statistical analysis of planned processing methods.

Later, we offer our technical protocol (equipment arrangement included) together with the inquiry (e.g. machine specifications, delivery time, FOB prices, optional components, and prices, etc). After these procedures, we will provide a series of instructions on our contracting and purchasing processes. When all these efforts are finished, we will start to discuss further details about parts and components and the trial grinding stuff.

For the cases that we have planned in advance, we could offer our service of planned fixtures, tool selection, processing method, processing program, mistake-proofing mechanism, online measurement, processing productivity, and the calculation of cycle time. Once manufacturers are equipped with pre-planned production support, they can deal with high-end work piece manufacturing deals with confidence.




Draft and Analysis
in 3 days

Protocol & Inquiry

Contracting &


Production & Trial Processing

Turnkey Solution

Delivery and Settlement

The Service Offered By Dawn Machinery Is A Customer-Oriented Process

After-sales Services

Grinding technology consultation offers local agents with online trouble shooting. There are assigned personnel for illustration, combined with texts and images for local agents’ training, education, and incubation.

Full-time 24 Hours Online Support

We offer professional email as well as social media resources that help answer all the questions. Furthermore, we offer free support for purchasers about the planning of the fixtures; we also provide free software updates.

Controller HMI Dialogue

We make the interface that users can create new processing modes by icons instead of coding works. This makes the operation direct and easy. We also provide optional components support for customers.