Precision Gears

As a member of the machine tool industry, Dawn Machinery understands the core value of knowledge in various parts of machine tools better than other suppliers. Dawn Machinery's grinding machine models provide the most optimized grinding solutions for precision spindle manufacturers, so all kinds of precision spindles can complete the follow-up grinding operations routes of all kinds of spindles under Dawn Machinery's suggestions.

Applied Industrial Sectors

Machine tools are the very basis for industry. Those who can be trusted by machine tool component manufacturers are cutting-edge suppliers.

Dawn Machinery is one of the cutting-edge suppliers. We offer manufacturers of machine tool components with the optimal grinding machines for their precision grinding projects, producing excellent products. These efforts help many globally well-known machine tool manufacturers obtain suitable spindle RPM and activate the overall manufacturing effects in the industry.

There are various types of spindles, such as belt-driven, direct drive, built-in, gear-drive, etc. Besides, there are other methods to categorize spindles, such as machine-based categorization, e.g. turning spindle, milling spindle, mill-turn spindle, drilling spindle, and tapping spindles.

We have been accumulating our professional knowledge for many years and now we have a profound knowledge base. We know how to help manufacturers in their grinding projects, making their spindle operate under the best condition.

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