Aerospace Industry

Our grinding machines are widely utilized in the aerospace industry and the supply chain in mainland China and the US, supplying precision grinding and processing of aerospace engine components, aircraft landing gears and other high-precision aerospace components. In the process of partnership, our customer has established a set of efficiency working mechanism and model that can help a lot in the future.

Applied Industrial Sectors

In the field of aerospace, two critical factors that affect processing difficulties are the materials and complexity of work pieces, these two factors make one-piece forming very difficult to achieve.

During the grinding process, there are many difficult technical grinding issues that hinder the entire procedure, so, once manufacturers want to grind those hard and complex work pieces, they need specific grinders that can deal with a wide variety of complicated forms, profiles, and materials. Furthermore, a good operation HMI and friendly software are also very important.

The reason why many customers come to our company is that they are seeking a comprehensive and satisfying processing solution that can guarantee their customers with firm quality. This is what we can assure our consumers of.

We have learned a lot of know-how knowledge from our partnership with manufacturers in the aerospace industry. They come from both mainland China and the States, and those acquired knowledge help a lot for the future partnership that prevents unwanted consumption. We are able to offer suppliers in the aerospace industry the optimal solution as well as an operating model.

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