Gear Industry

There are many specific know-how knowledge in the industry of the gear manufacturing sector, and Dawn Machinery engineers know the needs of the gear industry. We provide customers with multiple grinding solutions for ID and OD values, end faces, and large-size work pieces. We can adjust the relevant working parameters according to the onsite application needs of the clients to achieve the maximum production capacity in a more productive way.

Applied Industrial Sectors

Gears are considered the most important components in modern industry. With the power transmission by gears, various forces are thus well transferred and then modified, such as magnified, reduced, and stabled.

For gear processing, precision gear processing is the most difficult part because of the many variables of the work pieces such as thickness, materials, spacing, tolerance, concentricity, etc. These all affect the accuracy and other results.

As a result, how to choose the right cutting tools, and how to keep the ground tools in ideal condition for accuracy reasons are issues that manufacturers care about. Dawn Machinery is able to solve these issues, and that is why we are entrusted by our customers.

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