We Focus On Grinding Design For Different Industries

Our team has been working with hundreds of partners and has offered many complex grinding methods

Various grinders made by Dawn Machinery are widely applied in various industries and they support different industrial applications. We gain valuable experiences from our past experience, and we understand the needs of different customers. Further, we have professional knowledge of various industrial sectors. Dawn Machinery breaks through many tradition and initiates unique turnkey partnership models, which allow manufacturers to move faster on the track of mass production and have their efforts paid back.

Aerospace Industry

Our grinding machines are widely utilized in the aerospace industry and the supply chain in mainland China and the US, supplying precision grinding and processing of aerospace engine components, aircraft landing gears and other high-precision aerospace components. In the process of partnership, our customer has established a set of efficiency working mechanism and model that can help a lot in the future.

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Gear Industry

There are many specific know-how knowledge in the industry of the gear manufacturing sector, and Dawn Machinery engineers know the needs of the gear industry. We provide customers with multiple grinding solutions for ID and OD values, end faces, and large-size work pieces. We can adjust the relevant working parameters according to the onsite application needs of the clients to achieve the maximum production capacity in a more productive way.

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Precision Gears

As a member of the machine tool industry, Dawn Machinery understands the core value of knowledge in various parts of machine tools better than other suppliers. Dawn Machinery's grinding machine models provide the most optimized grinding solutions for precision spindle manufacturers, so all kinds of precision spindles can complete the follow-up grinding operations routes of all kinds of spindles under Dawn Machinery's suggestions.

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Heavy Industry

Since we have a lot of profound experiences in the field of engineering industry, we have assisted various heavy industry machinery manufacturers and suppliers to produce various engineering projects, including breakers, engineering machinery, hydraulics, shipbuilding, etc. We are good partner in the heavy Industry.

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