We Aim To Achieve The Goal Of High Accuracy

We are good at cutting-based machines

We are good at cutting-based machines and our team has accumulated over 20 years of industrial experience in machine development and our focus is on the grinding of machine tools. Grinders are precision types of machinery. Besides good structural rigidity, each component and the corresponding assembly accuracy shall be inspected with a higher standard.

Our customized precision versatile grinding meets customers’ demands.
We are capable of designing satisfying machines for each customer

Dawn Machinery offers turnkey solution services that can keep machinery operation at a higher level of standard. Moreover, we offer planning services for customers’ production lines, including the choice of grinding wheels and fixture equipment, so they are able to put the plan into mass production within a relatively short period of time, gaining the optimal profits.

0From Scratch

We begin from scratch for our customers, offering satisfying model designs of machineries.


Within 3 days we are able to finish our primary planning and structural analysis of the selected machines.


In 6 months we will finish our machine model production.

0% Satisfaction

Satisfaction of precision grinding processing.

We value teamwork

We have advanced team members who are skilled at coding, and together with our overall experience, Dawn Machinery is able to offer a proper grinding program suitable for onsite processing of various situations.

Continuous research and innovation

Based on our dedication to R&D, we keep our pace in the development of turning, milling, and grinding; we already have a vertical grinder model series and vertical forming grinder series.

Looking forward to the future

We expect that we can make our customers 100% satisfied with the grinding results, which perfectly shows their planned engineering blueprint. We want to realize their planned production line completely. Furthermore, we expected that with our efforts, we can emulate those top-notched foreign grinder brands in the international markets with our products as well as our services.

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We aim to achieve the goal of high accuracy with our machine models

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